Meet the CEO, Aaliyah Nicole.

Hi, your favorite introvert here!  Thank you for taking the time to browse my brand. Welcome to Misslady's Beauty! My name is Aaliyah Nicole and to my family I'm Misslady. I am a poet, intuitive, and psychospiritualist and received my B.A degree in Women's Studies with a pre-med track. *whew* With these various things embodying the essence of who I am, to the core the most important thing to me is duality. I'm a minimalist who LOVES to pop out from time to time but I also enjoy convenience. You will rarely catch me at a 7 hour lash extension appointment, okay? . Don't get me wrong, I love the process of getting dressed up. The extra time doing my self care rituals, more time looking at myself in the mirror, applying my lipstick, finding the perfect accessories, it's top tier self care if you ask me. But I didn't want to feel as though I needed to be dolled up to be accepted and celebrated. I want to take our common insecurities and celebrate them. So, I am taking my knowledge in gendered studies and applying it to my brand. One thing about me is I'm not afraid to explore the interconnectedness that makes us all who we are. After all,  we are here to redefine beauty, right? 


About the Brand

Misslady was birthed because there has yet to be a brand that does it all. I decided to dedicate this brand to uplift other beautiful women in their natural state because we need more of it. And who doesn't love applying maximum pressure with minimum effort?

There are so many brands that throw things in our faces of what is beautiful and MB is putting beauty back into the hands of the consumer. What is your beauty? What does it look like? What would it be without the years of outside influence?

This is for the shawties into make up AND the beauties in love with their kinky edges with no edge control. These things are beautiful, as long as you're doing it for you. Forget what the internet says, your mama, or your friends say! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all embody it.

Misslady's Beauty is the epitome of sophisticated ratchetness with a side of awkward black girl magic. Niche doesn't exist when you're multifaceted. Get apparel, jewelry, lashes, accessories, & more! Express yourself how you see fit. (See how that rhymed? I told y'all I was a poet.) You're going to love it here!